As per last blog sharing :you may spend more money to hire trailors or crane to your jobsite or make reservation for your project and even if the reservation is made timely ,even if every partner seems understand you ,even if your project is taken on time , you could still not be sure trailors ,cranes and drivers will reach you as per promised.

Speaking of promise , its not that promise means nothing to our logistics people here ,its that time means nothing to our amigos ,comparing with a family reunion, a girls date , a football or sunshine at beach.

Road could be one challenge for land transportation ,some road is not suitable to past heavy cargo ,some road have limits of height due to electric wires or bridges ,some road isnt even a road.

Besides that , people who drive or load the trucks or trailors don’t waste to think or plan cost efficiency, they just load and drive. Therefore , space of the trucks and the space to make more money are wasted, as per picture shows( attachment is a local supplier's introduction ,consider it a free advertisement for a reputed local supplier)

To be continue