Colombia, a small country in the north of south Amercia.If you ask me to fix a symbol on this ground, those description such as leisurely, romantic and so on will appear soon in my mind. Base on this situation, carrying out logistics project there will bring different experience. I got chance to practice in this special environment in 2012, Im sure that those unforgettable experience is worth sharing.

Generally speaking, you must deal with logistics under the background of information asymmetry and Infrastructure shortages.

In Colombia, logistics is only one branch of main business(including materials procurement ,consulting business and so on)in those agents, most of them are described as trading company,sometimes their management,human resources can not reach your demand, especially during the process of large equipment transportation. So if you are unprofessional, you never get information in site, then the only result is to waste time on waiting for e-mail or phone call. But whats the effect of agent? Coordination. Spanish is official language in Colombia, seldom people there can speak English, including staff in customs, port even government agency, and it is no doubt that they play the important role when dealing with the method in their motherland. As client, What you should do is to act as trainer on technology, guide them make use of resources to reach your demand efficiently.

Unstable political situation and economic environment lead to the shortages on transportation infrastructure in Colombia.Barranquilla port was built in 1629,which is the main port in the north of Colombia on the Caribbean coast.But in my opinion,this port is more suitable for consumer cargo.The facility here is too obsolete to support large equipment,even most of time we had to depend on crane of vessel or maneuver facility from other place during unloading process,and if you can not overcome chaotic of management,the operating time will be three times longer than domestic. Similar situation will also appear during inland transportation process.There is no highway in Colombia,sometimes normal road and bridge can not support large equipment on weight or width,and the worst is although you have investigated carefully before,but the weather will change everything,especially in the rainy season,then the fact you must face to is to carry out road construction while transporting equipment.

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                                                                                                                        By CPS