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Colombia, a small country in the north of south Amercia.If you ask me to fix a symbol on this ground, those description such as leisurely, romantic and so on will appear soon in my mind. Base on this situation, carrying out logistics project there will bring different experience. I got chance to practice in this special environment in 2012, I’m sure that those unforgettable experience is worth sharing.

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As per last blog sharing :you may spend more money to hire trailors or crane to your jobsite or make reservation for your project and even if the reservation is made timely ,even if every partner seems understand you ,even if your project is taken on time , you could still not be sure trailors ,cranes and drivers will reach you as per promised.

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Brazil is an amazing country, though we like to sometimes tease her disorder ,still we love her for her sexiness and passion. My first time to Brazil was back to 8 years ago , There are countless reason to love Brazil and Brazilian logistics people, however there is still some note to kept in mind.

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